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Is my dog pregnant?! The signs to look out for

In this article we’re going to discuss three pregnancy related topics including recognising signs of heat, identifying pregnancy and looking after your dog and her pups while she’s giving birth.

So, we all know cats rule the house! Here are some tips for keeping your house cat happy and healthy

Cats with outdoor access have plenty of opportunities to exhibit natural behaviours like climbing, exploring, roaming their territory and communicating with other cats in the area.

Top dog! Useful training advice for dog (and cat) owners

Many owners report that their pets display unwanted, unhygienic or even dangerous behaviours but are often unaware that there are treatments available to them.

10 treats we enjoy that could be harmful to your pet

While you probably see your pet like a member of your family, some seemingly innocuous treats we enjoy can present serious hazards for your best friend.

Have you pledged to drink less, exercise more, or perhaps read more books in 2017?

While your New Year’s resolutions are still fresh in your mind we thought it would be a good time to consider some pawesome resolutions for your favourite furry friend.

The Christmas season is in full swing and dog owners are wondering what to buy their beloved pets

According to a newspaper article, British pet owners spent a whopping £47 million on Christmas presents for their pets in 2014. So if you are going to splash out on gifts for your pet read on to find out which presents are most suitable for your canine companion.

So you want to get a new pet? Everyone is hugely excited about the prospect

How much time do you spend doing your research to make sure that the pet that you and your family have set your hearts on is the right one for you? If the answer is none, then you are not alone. 5.2 million UK pet owners admit to having done no research before taking on their last pet. And many live to regret their decision!

Harmless fun for your pet? What to look out for this time of year

The nights are closing in and it is getting colder, but autumn walks in the park or countryside with your pet are still great fun. Then there are all those luminous toys that tend to appear in the house!

Fireworks & Pets With A Fear of Loud Noises

The 5th of November is nearly upon us, but for many, the firework season is already in full swing. For the 45% of dog owners with pets that are fearful of fireworks this time of year can be hugely stressful.

Is an overweight pet at risk of diabetes?

Obesity related diabetes is a major concern in humans, but should pet owners be worried about this condition in their pets? After all, almost half of UK dogs and cats are overweight.

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