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Expert Easter advice and preparation for super pet pawrents!

Paws up, who’s ‘egg-cited’ about the bank holiday weekend? We are! In all the excitement it’s important to remember that there are lots of potential dangers to pets at Easter, so here are our top tips for keeping your furry friends safe:

Keep your pet happy and healthy this Christmas

The festive season is well underway. And we’ve got a stocking full of tips to make sure Christmas is the cracker you and your furry friend dream of.

How to keep anxious pets calm during fireworks & loud noises

For many pet owners, firework night and New Year's Eve can be a stressful event. A dog and fireworks create a distressing combination.

Anxiety caused by loud noises is common in pets. In fact, 45% of dog owners said their pooches were afraid of fireworks. There are steps you can take to help your pet get through this noisy season. We will look at ways that you can prepare your pet and help them overcome their fear of loud noises.

24/7 Text and Video Consultations with PawSquad Vets

Insuring your pet with Direct Line means that you also receive access to complimentary text and video consultations from vets at PawSquad. This service gives you 24/7 access to video and text consultations, making the delivery of veterinary care more convenient for pets and their owners.

Meet our newest PawSquad Home Visit Vets, covering Devon, Bournemouth, Southampton & SW London - Pawesome!

So we got off to a good start in 2016 with our first 4 home visit vets, meaning lots of happy pets and owners in London, Edinburgh, Saffron Walden and Staffordshire Moorlands. Well dear friends, we’re now excited to introduce you to our 4 new vets; Kara (Devon), Ana (Bournemouth), David (Southampton) and Emelie (SW London)

Is my dog pregnant?! The signs to look out for

In this article we’re going to discuss three pregnancy related topics including recognising signs of heat, identifying pregnancy and looking after your dog and her pups while she’s giving birth.

So, we all know cats rule the house! Here are some tips for keeping your house cat happy and healthy

Cats with outdoor access have plenty of opportunities to exhibit natural behaviours like climbing, exploring, roaming their territory and communicating with other cats in the area.

Top dog! Useful training advice for dog (and cat) owners

Many owners report that their pets display unwanted, unhygienic or even dangerous behaviours but are often unaware that there are treatments available to them.

10 treats we enjoy that could be harmful to your pet

While you probably see your pet like a member of your family, some seemingly innocuous treats we enjoy can present serious hazards for your best friend.

Have you pledged to drink less, exercise more, or perhaps read more books in 2017?

While your New Year’s resolutions are still fresh in your mind we thought it would be a good time to consider some pawesome resolutions for your favourite furry friend.

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