How to keep anxious pets calm during fireworks & loud noises

For many pet owners, firework night and New Year's Eve can be a stressful event. A dog and fireworks create a distressing combination.

  • illustration of dog sleeping during fireworks

    Remember Remember the 5th of November,

    Can be scary and unpleasant for your furry house member!

    Loud noises are frightening for sensitive ears

    And they may behave strangely to manage their fears.

    If your pet cannot cope, what next can you do?

    Read on my friends, there’s advice just for you.


    Anxiety caused by loud noises is common in pets. In fact, studies found that 45% of pooches in the UK have a fear of fireworks! Read on to learn the steps you can take to prepare your pet and help them overcome their fear of loud noises.

    Signs of fear to look out for in your pet:

    • Trembling and shaking
    • Hiding away or reluctance to go outside
    • Spraying or having accidents in the house
    • Excessive pacing and panting
    • Excessive barking or whining
    • Destructive behaviours

    A few ways you can help

    1. Be calm and patient with your pet

    A fear of fireworks is a learned behaviour and since these are all natural responses they should not be punished. Shouting at a frightened pet will only make them more stressed, so let them whine or meow if they need to!

    2. Make them feel safe

    There are many ways to provide comfort to a frightened pet, such as: giving them a quiet place to hide, and keeping cats indoors with a litter tray at hand. It’s OK to cuddle your pet if it helps them relax but don’t force them to. Your pet is trying to find safety so it’s best not to disturb them.

    3. Provide a distraction

    You can help ease your pet’s worries by bringing out their favourite toy! A toy can be a comforting distraction, especially for dogs as chewing can help them relax. 

    4. Prepare in advance

    It’s best to plan at least 3-6 months ahead of fireworks season to ensure your pet has enough time to get over their fear. Be proactive in finding out when and where fireworks celebrations might be. Your local council website, newspapers and social media groups are a great place to start. Take dogs out for a walk well before the fireworks event starts, and keep their microchip details up to date-just incase!


    Further Advice

    There are many products as well as behaviour training that can help your pet overcome their fear of fireworks, such as: Pheromones, desensitisation materials and calming nutraceuticals.

    If you are still worried your furry friend is getting anxious, we recommend you speak to one of our vets to receive tailored advice on the best option for your pet. Our online vets are available 24/7 and can give you instant advice on how to keep your pet calm and prepare for a stress free fireworks season!

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