PawSquad Personalised Assessment and Health Plan

  • PawSquad personalised assessment and health plan

Want to know more about the PawSquad Personalised Assessment and Health plan consultation and how it could benefit you and your furry friend?

Here’s the details;

The 30 minute video assessment is designed to give our vets the opportunity to get to know your pets better, so they can make a comprehensive and personalised health risk assessment of your pet. They will consider your pet’s breed-related risks, age and lifestyle as well as any current health conditions or behavioural concerns you may have. Then you will receive a written report in the form of a Health Plan with their recommendations for keeping your pet as fit, healthy and happy as possible.

Q. What will the vet cover in the assessment?

A. The 30 minute video assessment with one of the purr-fessional and helpful vet squad is perfect for covering:

  • Breed-specific health risks
  • Behaviour/anxiety/stress issues
  • Nutritional questions
  • Parasite control
  • Vaccination requirements
  • General pet care questions

Q. Will I get a written record of the assessment?

A. Yes, a personalised report, along with recommendations and an action plan will be sent across to you via e-mail within 1 hour of your appointment, and will also be available on your PawSquad dashboard.

Q. Will you tell my pet insurance provider the details of whats been discussed?

A. No, the call is completely confidential. None of the information you share will affect your pet insurance policy or premium.

Q. Will I be able to schedule any follow up calls?

A. Definitely. You can book a follow up assessment at any time. In fact, we would recommend to do so at least annually as your pet’s risk profile changes with age, lifestyle and other changes in circumstances. Consultations can be booked through your PawSquad dashboard.

Q. Why do I have to pre-book the Personalised assessment and Health Plan?

A. Pre-booking allows our vets time to review your pets details, i.e. age, breed and identify potential health risks ahead of your call.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. A Personalised Assessment costs £30 or just £20 if you are a PawSquad Pet Health Club Premium member. If you are accessing Pawsquad services through one of our partners, a Personalised Assessment may be included free within your service package. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please check with the provider in question or contact our customer service team.

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