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The Right Puppy for You

Did you know that every year 700,000 new puppies are welcomed home by excited new owners. With over 200 breeds to choose from - how do you make the right choice for your family? 120,000 Dogs are Re-Homed Every Year The statistics speak for themselves. ...

5 Tips for a Purrfect Summer

The evenings are lighter, the temperature is rising and Summer is on the way. It's is a fantastic time for family pets and following these simple tips will help you keep your pet safe and happy.  PETS GET SUNBURNT TOO Like us, pets are at risk fr...

Babesiosis – New Tick Disease Identified in UK Dogs

A tick-borne disease, common in Southern Europe, is now affecting UK dogs that have never travelled abroad. We want to give you the low-down on this potentially serious disease so that you have all the information you need to keep your dog happy and healthy this tick season.

Is my dog pregnant? The signs to look out for

Dogs heat (oestrus) cycles normally occur three times over the space of two years. Recognising that your dog is going into heat can be challenging, especially if you haven’t noticed signs of heat in your dog before. Read more to see the common signs you can look out for.

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