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Gifts that will make your pup merry this Christmas

According to a newspaper article, British pet owners spent a whopping £47 million on Christmas presents for their pets in 2014. So if plan on splashing out on your pet read on to find out which presents are most suitable for your canine companion.

How to Play Safely with your Dog or Cat

Do you throw sticks for your dog? Many owners do and think nothing of it. After all it is just a bit of harmless fun isn’t it? If you were to ask your vet the same question their answer might well surprise you!

The benefits of having a pet

Animals can fundamentally change your life and the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of society. Read on to here more about the benefits of having a pet.

The Right Puppy for You

Did you know that every year 700,000 new puppies are welcomed home by excited new owners. With over 200 breeds to choose from - how do you make the right choice for your family? 120,000 Dogs are Re-Homed Every Year The statistics speak for themselves. ...

5 Tips for a Purrfect Summer

The evenings are lighter, the temperature is rising and Summer is on the way. It's is a fantastic time for family pets and following these simple tips will help you keep your pet safe and happy.  PETS GET SUNBURNT TOO Like us, pets are at risk fr...

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