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  • Up to 3x longer consultations

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Dog Vaccinations
Dog Vaccinations
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Dog vaccinations

The booster vaccine for dogs protects them from various diseases including Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis. Once they have had their initial dog vaccination they will just require boosters to keep their immunity up. Having dog vaccinations done at home where they are most comfortable reduces stress for pets. Additionally, PawSquad will assist you every step of the way.This means happy, healthy pets and relaxed owners.

What are the dog vaccination prices?

Dog booster vaccinations cost £68. If your dog needs the kennel cough vaccine aswell the total price is usually around £86. This is inclusive of a full health check carried out before the vaccinations are administered.

Keeping your dogs vaccination schedule

Dogs need their first boosters from 6 months to a year after their initial course of vaccinations. After that they are usually annual. Some vaccinations only need be done every 3 years, such as distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus. PawSquad vets provide you with a dog vaccination record card that will tell you which vaccinations are needed and when.

PawSquad vets are also able to offer a simple test, known as a titre test, to check your dog's level of immunity. This checks whether or not a vaccination is needed. Some dogs immunity last longer than 3 years so not all of the booster vaccines for dogs are required.

Here's how PawSquad Works

Find and book your PawSquad vet

Find your PawSquad vet

Schedule a home visit at time that suits you. Book on our website, app or over the phone.

Your vet comes to you

Your vet comes to you

Skip the stressful trip to the vet. Home visits for Dog Vaccinations can last up to 3 times longer, with more time for care and questions.

Heal peacefully at home

Heal peacefully at home

Connect with your vet for any follow-up questions through messages, calls or video.

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“The care received from PawSquad is 100% better than using a surgery of changing vets.”

Diane Cameron - London

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“Anita had the time to come to see my dog when he had a nasty ear infection. He hates going to the vet and she made him feel relaxed and happy in his own home. Anita’s examination was more like gentle petting than the procedure he would have thought he was having in the surgery! He is now well and happy and ear infection free! We certainly won’t ...”

John Day - Reading

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“Thank you so much Julia for visiting us again this morning to give Sybil, Miranda and Linus their vaccinations. So much less stressful for them than a trip to the vets surgery which is at least a 25min journey in the car each way.”

Jane Tyacke - Saffron Walden

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“Just had our first visit from Nikki in Glasgow. Brilliant service from a brilliant, knowledgeable vet. Takes the stress out of a vet visit for both human and pet. I can't recommend this service and vet enough! Sign up, your beloved pet will thank you!”

Jacky Dickson - Glasgow

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“Highly recommend this wonderful service, Nikki is such a lovely person, a caring and thoroughly professional vet who will spend time not only with my dogs, but patiently explain conditions, tests etc. to a worried pet parent!”

Irene Mackenzie - Glasgow

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