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Dog Flea Treatment
Dog Flea Treatment
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A stress-free way to treat your dog’s fleas at home

Fleas can be a problem even in the most spotless home or on the cleanest pet. There is no need to stress about your dog having fleas. PawSquad vets can help you get rid of these nasty pests at home, stress-free.

Signs your dog might have fleas

There are a few things you can look out for with your pet that could mean they have fleas. Is your pet scratching? Areas of hair loss, bald or sore patches? Redness and irritation? Can you see tiny dark specks in its fur, or small browny-black insects scurrying about? If you’ve answered 'yes' to any of these questions – it could mean fleas. Your PawSquad vet will be able to administer effective flea treatment in the comfort of your home.

Flea bites and what they do

Flea bites can make your dog uncomfortable and itchy but they can also bring a host of other problems. Dogs can be hypersensitive to flea saliva and suffer an allergic reaction. Fleas also feed on blood, so young or frail animals can become weak as a result of blood loss.

Flea larvae can become infected with tapeworm eggs. If your dog eats an infected flea it can become host to this parasite. If your dog has fleas you should also make sure they are treated for worms. Fleas can also pass diseases to your dog, so speak to your PawSquad vet for advice as soon as you notice the problem.

Here's how PawSquad Works

Find and book your PawSquad vet

Find your PawSquad vet

Schedule a home visit at time that suits you. Book on our website, app or over the phone.

Your vet comes to you

Your vet comes to you

Skip the stressful trip to the vet. Home visits for Dog Flea Treatment can last up to 3 times longer, with more time for care and questions.

Heal peacefully at home

Heal peacefully at home

Connect with your vet for any follow-up questions through messages, calls or video.

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“"Hello there, last time I spoke with Charlotte, who was most helpful and kind. She she introduced me to the lovely Peter Hiscox. Sadly my beautiful cat Missie was very poorly, and she needed urgent help which came in the form of Peter. He visited me last Thursday evening and helped Missie on her way. it was so sad but completely stress and pain ...”

Elaine - London

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“Martha has been fantastic, great manner and approach with our pet cat and provided an invaluabe option for assessment and tretment at home which has been great at normalising the whole procces for our cat and famy away from a clinical setting which we were all struggling with. Can thoroughly reccommend service and especially Martha who has handl...”

Alex Morrison - Edinburgh

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“Had a really positive experience with PawSquad. The vet (one of several I gather) was Pietro Faustini. He came to look at my 19 year old cat who hates going to the vet. The call out charge was slightly more than my local vet's consult fee but costs of blood tests was cheaper so came to about the same. And the benefit was that my cat was far less...”

Jen Miles - London

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“The care received from PawSquad is 100% better than using a surgery of changing vets.”

Diane Cameron - London

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“I can highly recommend PawSquad, it's an easy to use service and there's never a problem getting an appointment. Our cat always found the visits to the local vet very stressful and therefore home visits by PawSquad are god sent. We saw Dr Pietro on two occasions and I must say he was absolutely amazing!! He's a professional with a big heart who ...”

Abdalla - London

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