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Dog worming tablets and treatments

Intestinal worms can cause many problems for dogs. The most common worms in dogs are the roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Luckily, it is incredibly easy to prevent an infestation of worms by regularly giving worming treatment to dogs. PawSquad vets can diagnose and treat dog worms at home which keeps our dogs happy, healthy and relaxed.

What are the symptoms of worms in dogs?

Some symptoms of worms include diarrhea, weight loss, dry hair and vomiting. Roundworms and tapeworms can even be seen in the stool. Your PawSquad vet will be able to help you identify these. It is important to consult your vet to ensure the best possible treatment of dog worms.

How often do you need to worm a dog?

To prevent worms in dogs, you should worm your dog every 3 months. In cases of infestation, your vet will advise the appropriate course of action. If you suspect your dog has worms you should have your dog seen by a vet as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to treat worms in dogs?

Worming treatments start from £5. During a home visit, your PawSquad vet will be able to perform a full health check and even administer the best possible treatment. Home visits start from £48 and last around 40 minutes giving you plenty of time to discuss your dog’s needs.

What is the best Lungworm treatment for dogs?

Lungworm is a parasite that can cause serious health problems in dogs, and can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated. Most worming treatment can preventatively protect your dog from lungworm if used correctly. You PawSquad vet will advise you on preventing lungworm.

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Find and book your PawSquad vet

Find your PawSquad vet

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Your vet comes to you

Your vet comes to you

Skip the stressful trip to the vet. Home visits for Dog Worming can last up to 3 times longer, with more time for care and questions.

Heal peacefully at home

Heal peacefully at home

Connect with your vet for any follow-up questions through messages, calls or video.

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“The care received from PawSquad is 100% better than using a surgery of changing vets.”

Diane Cameron - London

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“Had a really positive experience with PawSquad. The vet (one of several I gather) was Pietro Faustini. He came to look at my 19 year old cat who hates going to the vet. The call out charge was slightly more than my local vet's consult fee but costs of blood tests was cheaper so came to about the same. And the benefit was that my cat was far less...”

Jen Miles - London

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“I can highly recommend PawSquad, it's an easy to use service and there's never a problem getting an appointment. Our cat always found the visits to the local vet very stressful and therefore home visits by PawSquad are god sent. We saw Dr Pietro on two occasions and I must say he was absolutely amazing!! He's a professional with a big heart who ...”

Abdalla - London

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“Nikki came out tonight to visit my fur baby (cat) and did an amazing job! She was so friendly and chatty and was extremely considerate of my cats feelings (doesn't like strangers). Nikki did the consultation in my cat's own time and at her pace. Highly recommend to anyone who has a pet that doesn't like to visit the vet. Nikki your a star and th...”

Donna Haggerty - Glasgow

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“Wonderful service. Very elderly cat appreciates not having to travel for her treatment. Would recommend.”

Karen Coxon - Devon

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